Using our services you can perform your operations in an agile, safe and efficient way:

Purchase and sale of foreign currency

Our clients have the possibility of making purchases and sales of the main currencies, communicating directly with the staff of our Exchange Table, always obtaining the best market price, being able to liquidate the operations at our counter, through bank transfers, account deposits, or even at your homes.

Exchange Table: Tel: (598) 2903 0028 ints. 10 ó 20


Fund transfers to anywhere in the world

Through correspondent banks abroad we can make transfers of funds or receive them from practically all the global financial places, with very accessible costs. Transfers have the advantage of being one of the most agile in the market, we provide you with the bank receipt on the same day, and in approx. 24 hours The funds will be credited to the account indicated.

Regional money turns

By correspondence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay, as well as through the Central Bank of Uruguay, we make and receive money turns quickly, reliably and at a very convenient price. Through correspondent banking, we will bring you to any of these three countries, and to send the receipts in cash, if various locations are available.

ABITAB collection and payment network services

Within our services we have those of the ABITAB network, which allows us to pay all our invoices in our premises: DGI, BPS, UTE, ANTEL, OSE, BSE, Municipal Taxes, Credit Cards, among others. At the same time, you can access all the other services offered by this network, such as: cash withdrawals or deposits in bank accounts (Brou, Itaú, Scotiabank, Heritage), collection of pensions, collective gifts, cell phone recharges, parking fees, Ticket purchase, ticket purchase, DHL shipments and many more.

For more information on the ABITAB network, click here.

International money transfers WESTERN UNION

Through ABITAB, WesternUnion money orders are sent and received. This system is considered the fastest, and most reliable international system for sending or receiving cash. The money order can be withdrawn or sent in the currency you want, always obtaining a preferential quote.

For more information about this service click here.

ABITAB turns throughout the national territory

Through Abitab Drafts, you can send or receive money in minutes, to or from anywhere in the country. This service is ideal, not only to send money to known people, but also to make payments to suppliers, without the need to move to the location where they are located. Only by mentioning the name and ID number of the recipient, the money can be withdrawn immediately at any location in the network.

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In our stores, through ABITAB, customers can withdraw or deposit money in their Current Accounts and / or Savings Banks of Banco República, with more agility and on a more extended schedule, including Saturdays. The premises have a modern device where customers can operate in cash in both pesos and dollars.


ASI cash loans

Through ABITAB, our clients can access ASI money loans, which in addition to proximity and speed, have the most convenient rates in the market. You can request from $ 6,000 to $ 200,000, and pay them in comfortable installments, from 6 to 24 installments.

For more information on loans, consult tel: 2903 0028 (ints: 13 or 16), at any of our locations, or by clicking here.

Our Rates

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Services, locations and quotes, may undergo modifications, for financial and market reasons, so please consult beforehand.